How to check a plumber for a license number

When plumbing problems arise, a licensed professional should be the first person to call. Even if a plumber says they are licensed, you can always check to make sure your pipes are being worked on by a trained individual.


  1. Contact the Division of Professional License Tables (or the Department of Business and Professional Regulation) for your state, either by telephone or online.
  2. Enter a plumber’s license number on the licensing website, in addition to information pertaining to the license you are looking for (i.e., the county the plumber works in or the license category you are looking for).
  3. Let the operator know plumber’s name and license number, if the office is called directly, so he can look for any of these options.
  4. Let the plumber start working once checked.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is good to hire a plumber to do the job right the first time. Poor plumbing jobs can cause very serious problems, according to Bloomington / Normal plumbing-heating-refrigeration contractors, including explosions and contamination of water and fire supplies from inadequate facilities.