How to clean pipes in the bathroom sink

Bathroom sink tubes have a tendency to clog due to constant exposure to hair and soap residue. Soon, they are slowly running out, and may even start to smell bad. Fortunately, it is not difficult to clean the pipes if you take some precautions every time you use the sink and know all the cleaning options. If a method is not effective, you can move on to the next stage until your bathroom sink pipes are clean and functioning properly.


  1. Run hot water through the pipes for several seconds each time you use the bathroom sink. This helps prevent the accumulation of hair or other dirt, such as soap residue. Once a week, throw in a handful of baking soda or pour some vinegar before running hot water.
  2. If your bathroom sink is beginning to drain slowly, use a plunger to clean the pipes. You must fill the sink and plug the drainage holes before you begin to submerge. Improvements Lowe recommends spreading a thick layer of Vaseline on the edge of the plunger. This makes a more watertight seal, increasing the suction to clean the pipes more effectively.
  3. Use a chemical cleaner. You can buy these cleaning products at a grocery store or large retail box. Read the bottles carefully to choose one that is suitable for bath tubing. According to Lowe’s home improvement, they will clean the bath tubes through the use of caustic chemicals, such as sulfuric acid or bleach. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Once the pipes are clean and the water is draining properly, run a lot of water to remove all the chemicals.
  4. Clean the bath tubes manually by opening the trap, which is located under the sink. Improvements Lowe says that many traps have a plug that can be opened, which allows you to push on a straightened bottle brush or clothes hook to clean the pipe. If there is no lid, put a bucket under the pipes and unscrew the trap. Wash thoroughly with hot water and soap, and clean the tubes with a straightened bottle or suspension brush.

Tips and warnings

  • Hair is one of the worst culprits in clogging the bathroom sink pipes. Instead of brushing your hair over the sink, mount a mirror on the back of the door and brush in front of that mirror. Remove and clean the drain plug regularly to avoid bits of material making your way down into the pipelines.
  • If your cleaning attempts are not effective, call a professional plumber. Continuing to attack your sink bathroom transmits with aggressive chemicals can damage. A plumber has the tools and knowledge necessary to take care of a persistent problem safely.