Different types of liquid plumber

Proper plumbing is essential for good hygiene and a clean house. In some cases, plumbing problems can be dealt with by a plumbing professional who is trained to deal with water systems and pipes. In other cases, fixing a pipe problem only requires chemical treatment, since many plumbing problems are the result of difficult obstructions that only have to be dissolved. One of the plumbing treatment brands that is available to the average consumer is Plumber Liquid (Liquid Plumber aka).

One type of Plumber Liquid is Regular Plumber Remover clog. This is the original liquid Plumber formula and has been used for more than 35 years. It works best in slow-moving drains, since the strength of the formula is not as powerful as some of the other liquid Plumber products. Use a medium bottle for a treatment.

Professional plumbers have special tools called plumbing snakes that fit in the tube to loosen and remove obstructions or objects in the tube. Plumber liquid produces plumber liquid foamed snake pipe, which uses the chemical reaction of two liquids to produce foam that does the same job as a plumber’s snake. Snake pipe foam can be used in both clogged and slow drains, but you will have to use an entire bottle.

If you have an obstruction that is near the entrance of the pipe, then Liquid Plumber Power Jet may be a good option. Liquid Plumber Power Jet works by pushing a jet of liquid into the tube to dislodge anything that may be the cause of an obstruction. It can be used safely in washbasins, bathtubs and showers.

Clogs that are produced in the kitchen require a different type of treatment due to the amount of grease that is found in the disposal, sink and pipes. Liquid Plumber Kitchen Clog remover is designed to cut the grease that is often present in kitchen pipes. It is safe for the elimination of systems, all types of pipes and septic tanks.

Gel Plumber liquid is probably the heaviest Plumber liquid product. It has a thick formula that is designed not to dissolve, so it can be used in standing water, if necessary. It is better for the clogs that are close to the drainage opening and works well to dissolve the clogs of hair is, making it a good choice for the bathtub.

Plumber liquid products that are not infallible in the removal of obstructions, and most products recommend additional treatment if the first application of the product does not solve the problem. However, liquid Plumber products should not be used only when a problem arises. One cup of a liquid Plumber product can be poured down the drain once or twice a month to keep drainage free of obstructions and therefore is an inexpensive form of preventive maintenance plumbing.