How to fix roof ventilation pipes

Vent pipes are joined by connection couplings to various sewer lines in your home. Depending on the local building codes, each water accessory can have its own individual vent line (toilet, shower, sink, etc.), or sometimes breathing ducts that can accommodate more than one appliance. Vent pipes can crack in extreme cold conditions, or sometimes break if the old one. The vent sealant around the roof shield can also crack if the old one, allowing moisture to fall down into the wall cavity. Any job is simple enough to tackle and does not require a lot of time.


Fixation broken ventilation tube

  1. Mark the vent pipe six inches above and below the break / fracture-use a felt tip pen. Cut through the pipe at the two marks with a hacksaw. Make sure that the cuts are straight and remove the burrs with a working knife.
  2. Measure the distance between the two cuts. Cut a new piece of ventilation tube to this length and remove the burrs.
  3. Apply the ABS glue to the ends of the new pipe. Also apply glue on the inside of one of the two straight end couplings of the ABS. Push the couplings on the ends of the pipe.
  4. Glue the two cut ends of the existing pipe, as well as the remaining inner ends of the two couplings. Tighten the couplings / new pipe between the cut ends of the existing cut pipe. Keep in place for 30 seconds.
  5. Brush any dirt from the area where the ventilation pipe enters through the roof shield.
  6. Scrape ceiling sealant loose from the area- shield roof, using a working knife.
  7. Tighten the sealant to the area where the tube enters through the shield. Use a brush to smooth the sealant so that it completely surrounds the pipe.

Tips and warnings

  • Measure the diameter of the existing vent pipe before buying new pipe and couplings.
  • It is best to squeeze a large amount of sealant into the area of ​​the roof / vent tube, as this creates a better seal around the tube and the work will not have to be done again.
  • It is best to use rubber gloves when using ceiling sealant.