How to clean a clogged cast iron pipe

A cast iron pipe that can be plugged through in a variety of ways, and there are a couple of different ways to clear the blockage to get your pipe to flow again. Once you find the exact area of ​​the blockage, you can clean the cast iron pipe.


  1. Find the obstruction. If you notice that there is only one sink or the tub seems to be affected by the obstruction, it is most likely that your obstruction is due to some backup around that specific luminaire, which should make your job much easier. If it seems that multiple areas of your pipes are being affected by the blockage that could be a main line that has become clogged, requiring more work and perhaps the help of a professional with a snake tube.
  2. Check if only one drain is popping up to be affected by the clogged cast iron pipe. If this is the case, it will be a quick solution.
  3. Remove the drain cap that is being affected by the obstruction. Some require that you remove the screws, and others that you simply have to pry. This will allow you to see down in the drain. If there is an obvious obstruction, remove it.
  4. Sink the drain open. While the obstruction is not too far in a main pipeline, the plunger must be able to clear any blockage. After you have finished sinking and unclogging the tube, it may be a good idea to use a little drain cleaner just to make sure you have removed the blockage.
  5. Replace the drain cap by screwing it back into place. Next, close the drain. Turn on your tap and leave some water to collect. Open the mouth of the backup drain, and make sure that the water drains at a normal rate. If so, you have cleaned the clogged cast iron pipe, and your plumbing should work very well.